Custom Fitting

Any golfer, regardless of ability should be Custom Fit for their clubs. In a custom fitting, we make sure your clubs are right for you, by adjusting head type, loft, lie, shaft length, shaft flex and grip size. If you are playing the game with any one of these aspects that doesn’t suit you, it can be detrimental to how you play by causing you to make compensations. For instance if your lie angle is incorrect and too upright for you, it will cause the toe of the club to be in the air at impact which causes the face angle to point to the left of the target (for a right handed golfer) this means the golfer will need to swing more to the right or hit the ball off the toe to hit it on target, difficult right?

Here at Ipswich Golf club we fit for Titleist and Ping with the help of our GC2 Quad Launch Monitor. We fit for woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter and we have a huge selection of shafts to choose from. We also have an extensive range of demo equipment, meaning you can try the clubs on course.

We fit using the industry leading GC2 Quad. To find out more information please click the link below. (Opens new tab)

To book your Custom Fitting please

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